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Things to consider when starting at a Pilates studio

We have compiled the most important considerations when choosing a studio.

1. Are the trainers qualified and experienced?

If you are wanting to experience true Reformer Pilates, and receive the maximum benefits,

be sure to question and ensure you are being trained by fully qualified and experienced

trainers. You will feel the difference in the smallest cues given and your body will thank you.

2. Does the timetable suit your lifestyle?

No matter where you go, Pilates is an expensive form of exercise. Make sure the timetable

has multiples classes per week that will work for you. Classes in the morning and evening, plus

weekend classes are always a bonus.

3. Are the classes small and intimate enough for 1-1 attention?

Similar to being trained by qualified trainers, you also need to make sure that the classes are

small enough that you can receive 1-1 attention if and when needed. You want to feel

assured in the classes your attending that firstly you are training safely. Secondly, you want

to have your exercises adjusted to suit your body (whether lighter to accommodate injuries

or weakness or harder to push your body!)

4. Is there ample parking?

Might seem trivial, but speaking from experience, this is incredibly important!

5. Does the environment have a great energy?

Do the instructors have a personality? Will the other people in the class have a laugh (or a

groan in pain!) with you. Does the studio accommodate what you need – i.e pram space or a

child friendly space?


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