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  • How do I book/pay for a class?
    All bookings and payments can be made through our App which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from Google App Store. You can contact us beforehand if you wish to discuss anything ahead of booking.
  • Am I locked into a contract? How do I cancel my membership?
    You are NOT locked into a contract with your membership. If you are on one of our membership options (Lite, Aqua), we require 2 weeks’ notice in writing (email).
  • Can I bring my baby/child to class?
    We welcome babies/children to the studio and we do have some specific classes available. There is plenty of space to bring a pram. If you do wish to bring your children, you are responsible for their welfare. Please also bring something to occupy them whilst you are in class.
  • Do you offer pre and post natal classes?
    If you are pregnant or recently had a baby we have classes to suit but we require clearance from your doctor. Our instructors will let you know when you're ready to move into general classes.
  • Do you have many guys attending the studio?
    Yes absolutely. We have a range of gents all different ages and capabilities. Our classes can accommodate you if you need fixing, mending or stretching as well as providing a challenge to fitter, stronger guys. The classes are mixed and welcoming for both genders.
  • What should I wear/bring to class?
    You should wear comfortable clothes and non-slip socks. Don’t worry if you don’t have socks as we have some for sale in the studio (prices $10-$15)
  • What class should I start with?
    If you're new to Reformer then you have the option to book an introduction with Natalie or Anthea. From there we can assess which classes we recommend you join initially. Typically the Classic or Stretch is the first choice.
  • What if I have an injury?
    All of our instructors are qualified to modify the class for certain injuries or conditions. Reformer is great if you have minor issues and can help rectify the problem. For more serious conditions we recommend getting Physio sign off and at that point you are welcome to join us. Call us if you wish to discuss how we can accommodate you – 95% of cases are fine, just let us know. All our classes are run by our most experienced instructors who are adept at modifications for Osteoarthritis, injuries and other common ailments. We are not however physio’s nor a clinical Pilates studio and if we believe you need more personalised attention, we will refer you to a local practitioner.
  • How are you keeping me safe from illness?
    During COVID-19, we instigated new policies including spacing, cleaning of equipment and hand washing to ensure risks are minimised. We have kept these policies up as good hygiene and cleanliness policies.
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