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Pilates for golf

Golf is a fantastic sport for all ages. We just need to be mindful of the pressure it can put on the body and ensure on and off course we are working at our optimum.

Pilates in a way is very like golf. Both require movement, focus and coordination. Particularly with Reformer Pilates you will find your body is stronger and more able to rotate. Pilates like golf is a lifelong lesson on how to use your body correctly!

How can you achieve a swing as perfect as our 12 year old? Through flexibility and allowing your body to learn which muscles to switch on whilst perfecting your swing.

Reform your golf!

1. Enjoy golf for years to come and help improve your game

2. Improve rotation, flexibility, distance and power

3. Reduce any back, hip and shoulder pain

4. Perfect for all ages, abilities, male or female

5. Used by many of today’s tour professionals

Why you need Pilates to support your golf

The constant rotational forces, along with muscle imbalances that can occur from the one sided motions used in a golf swing, and the need to bend over multiple times over the course of a training session or tournament, does not do the lower back any favours. Ligaments can be damaged, discs can become irritated, and vertebrae can begin to degenerate. Twisting and walking can also impact knees, particularly on courses that have steep descents between tee and green.

Shoulder and elbow injuries are also common injuries for amateur golfers, resulting from a range of issues, such as poor swing mechanics (misalignment, over swinging). With most golfers likely to perform thousands of swings in their lifetime, the muscles and ligaments that help support the shoulder joint are placed under a lot of pressure.

Pilates aids in strengthening and training the correct use of stabilising muscles for peak performance.

Injury prevention tips:

Before the game ALWAYS warm up!

  • Start with simple body rotation – rotating from side to side lifting to the opposite toe each side

  • Arm circles will help to warm up the shoulders

  • Use your club by holding with both hands and raise the club above your shoulders

During the game

  • Practice swing, then switch sides to swing the other way whilst waiting to set up at the tee.

After the game

  • Stretch! Reach arms up and over to each side. Practise a simple roll down. Rotate the body from side to side. Place your hand on a wall and press your body away release tension in your shoulders.

  • Walking 18 holes in golf shoes puts surprising pressure on your feet. When you get home roll your feet out for at least 5 minutes each side using a golf ball. Your feet are your foundation and if they are tight this moves up the rest of the body.

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